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About B-DEM Records

B-DEM [Bass-Driven Electronic Music] Records exist to provide the highest quality Electronic Bass Music which still gives you 'those' shivers in years to come!

Our musical scope is musicality, emotion and soulfulness based around genres such as House, UK Garage, Dubstep, UK Funky and Grime.

BDEM012 - Forthcoming!

We're excited to pronounce our latest forthcoming release, our first of 2014, a massive Speed Garage EP from Lojt without one track that lets the sound down!

Technically Lojt has been with us a while, he featured on our free 'Mr Beeb - Metro Remixes EP' (click here to download free) back in November 2012, but we're ABSOLUTELY BUZZING to introduce you to his s Read More ...


We've backed Lojt since the beginning of his musical career, ecouraging him in some of the directions he's taken and creasing up in humourous appreciation of some of the others (geezer's a funny fucker)!

But all of the humour aside, we couldn't help but notice Lojt's skills in electronic music, particularly the raw-edge UK originated style. That ruff-neck Speed Garage or Jungle sound, Lojt absolutely smashes it and there's no shadowing that's where his truly unique and styling talents lie. 

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Lojt, Plus 8 EP (BDEM012)


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