Sport: 5 summer sports to test to sculpt while tanning

Just because it’s summer doesn’t mean you can rest on your laurels. So we take the opportunity to test a new activity combining sport and sun to maintain AND tan.

Summer has just begun and that’s good because your exams are also over. You will now be able to enjoy the sun as it should be, especially if you are not working. For the others, there will always be days off to make up for it! What will your program be? Probably a lot of afternoons at the beach. And if you are motivated, you can also try one of these relaxing and fun summer sports. This will allow you to sculpt yourself and spend the calories you eat with barbecues, mojitos and ice cream while tanning quietly. A good reason to get started now!

We relax and walk around with the paddle

“Relax! Relax! Take it eaaaaasy”, Mika sang. And the sport that goes best with this song is none other than paddle. Standing on a large board, we walk on the water paddling. Not only is it very relaxing, but it’s also rather physical and looks like nothing. It is indeed necessary to sheath a lot to keep the balance and not to fall. The abs, thighs and arms work, while the mind lets itself go to the rhythm of the sea’s lapping.

We have a lot of fun with surfing and kite-surfing

Here again, the idea is to hold on a board, except that in the case of kite-surfing, it is a little more complicated because at the same time, you are also towed by a sail and depending on the strength and speed of the wind, it can become very active and very technical! But the sensations are palpable and if you start out, you don’t start by doing spectacular figures in the air, just the speed at which you split the sea offers its share of strong emotions.

You push your limits with climbing

To defy gravity, test your will and experience thrills, you try climbing. Both fun and requiring a lot of balance, concentration, strength and flexibility, climbing is a complete sport that increasingly appeals to those who want to test their limits while clearing their minds. And in summer, it’s even better because it can be practiced on natural walls, with breathtaking views!

We have fun and spend time with beach volleyball

Sand, swimsuits and friends: beach volleyball is THE beach sport you can’t miss. Fun, it allows you to maintain yourself without feeling it. 1 hour of play allows you to lose up to 500 calories and that’s not counting all the muscles it requires: from the arms to the calves, through the buttocks and abs, the whole body is used. All this, in the sun and in a pleasant setting, there is no better way to sculpt yourself while having fun and tanning than beach volleyball.

Let’s work our legs with the pedal boat

Have fun and use a 5-person pedal boat. Better choose well your team to race against others. Anyway, it’s a great exercice to muscle up your legs, without going to the fitness club. So here is our advice: stick to this kind of work out during summer, you will surely reach your goals without noticing all the efforts you provided.

You feel like a fish in water with aqua yoga

After aqua-running, aqua-boxing or aqua-zumba, we introduce you to aqua-yoga! The concept? To follow yoga postures underwater by simply focusing on your breathing. The difference with classical yoga is that it requires even more balance and sheathing, allowing you to sculpt while clearing your head. And it’s also more fun because some exercises, like rolls or pear trees, take you right back to childhood, when you were having fun doing anything in the pool.

To this can be added: active walking on the beach, yoga on the beach, swimming in the sun, etc., etc. There is no shortage of sports that can be practiced in the sun!